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Rumors around the Next Design of 2016 Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada was once considered as an old school type of vehicle in full SUV range, but things will be different in the 2016 Nissan Armada. Several changes and improvements have been made to boost the style and design of the SUV, as well as improving performance, speed, and agility. You can still see the old school classic concept of the ride, and yet there are also modern touches here and there to make the vehicle more attractive and worthwhile for keeping. If you want a vehicle that can handle different terrains satisfactorily while easily dealing with the difficult corners and spots without breaking a sweat, this is the type of vehicle that you want.

The Basic Concept
As it was mentioned before, there will be changes and improvements for the 2016 variants. The dimension and the measurement, especially, will experience significant makeover and improvement. The newer model will be somewhat bigger and wider, creating more space for the SUV – making it a new expansive SUV that can accommodate passengers as well as cargo. Some changes are also made and focused on the engine department, where powerful V8 engine will be included and possible V6 plan is also included within the scheme. Hopefully, the transmission will be more advanced and better, than the current gearbox transmission being used today.

Improvements and Makeover Scheme
With the makeover and improvements here and there, the new 2016 Nissan Armada is expected to appeal more auto customers and buyers. Nissan thinks that it is okay to include the old school styling, but not with the old school technology and performance. That’s why some significant changes have been made for the new Armada. First thing firs, the new SUV will be coming with lighter structure and construction. New technologies and materials like carbon fiber and aluminum have been included within the production plan, so fuel economy and performance can be affected in the simplest and most efficient ways.

The new Armada will be coming with platform body on frame, which Nissan used for the Nissan Titan variant for 2015. Because of this change in the basic construction platform, it is quite understandable if Armada will ‘suffer’ from some facelifts. There will be new redesigned bumper with rounded fog lights and also air intakes, improving the aerodynamics of the ride. Front grille will be coming in gloss chrome design and placed between the headlights, which will be coming in big rectangular form. LED lights will be running on the headlights, designed to improve style as well as helping the driver’s visibility. Artistically designed and strong bumper with beautiful taillights will change the look on the rear side, accompanying the options of 19 and 22-inches wheels from alloys for different terrains – new tires for different purposes will also designed and made into production.

Naturally, the changes will also happen on the interior cabin, with ultramodern design, better and higher quality in materials being used, and also the latest technologies being implemented. You can certainly expect more space and room for the cabin, providing enough room for the passengers as well as the driver. Ventilated seats with leather upholstery will be included within the plan, so 8 adult passengers can sit comfortably and nicely during the trip. USB Bluetooth, radio data system, audio system from Bose, smartphone connect, better infotainment system, and bigger touchscreen display will be added into the interior cabin and become the standard of the features available inside the cabin.

Power and Performance
The current Armada is running on V8 engine with 5.6 liter capacity that is producing 317 hp of power, which is quite good for such full size SUV like Armada. But Nissan feels that such arrangement isn’t enough as today’s vehicles are running on more powerful smaller engine with better fuel economy feature, so it is likely that the new Armada will be coming with smaller and yet stronger V6 engine. Since Nissan hasn’t made any official release and confirmation about this, there is no information about new transmission system – if any. Rumor has it that hybrid version as well as diesel engine will also be made for this variant, but all of those rumors haven’t been confirmed yet.

Armada Release Date and Price
Nissan hasn’t made any confirmation about when they are going to make Armada available in dealerships, but it is expected that the ride should be available around the middle of 2015 or around the third quarter of 2015. Expected price is set around $40,000.

Despite the so called old school SUV for the previous model, the Armada is actually a powerful and solid SUV that is able to tackle heavy loads and difficult terrain quite impressively. When used in urban setting or offroad condition, the ride is able to deliver the needed kick and punch without hesitation. With the new improvements, it is expected that the ride should deliver satisfying performance and quality.